Sunday, December 6, 2009

Master or PhD Degree with Thesis

Master or PhD Degree with Thesis
Students pursuing the Master or PhD degree with thesis shall:
complete a minimum of 9 credits and maximum of 18 credits (Master Degree programme) and a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 36 credits (PhD Degree programme) of coursework;
submit a thesis for examination at the end of the programme; and
comply with the specific requirements of the relevant graduate programme, if any.
Master Degree without Thesis
Students pursuing the Master degree without thesis shall fulfill a minimum of 36 credits of coursework
The submission of a thesis is not a requirement but the student may be required to:
Submit a project report or case study equivalent to 4 – 6 credits; or in lieu,
In case of certain programmes where a project or case study is not required, the student is required to register additional courses to fulfill the requirement of 36 credits and pass a Comprehensive Examination which adheres to the following rules:
a Comprehensive Examination shall be conducted at the end of the final semester
the student will be given two opportunities to pass the examination.
The second examination (if necessary) must be taken sixty (60) days after the first examination.
Failure on the second attempt will result in termination of his candidature.
(Note: PhD degree without thesis is currently not available)
The SGS administers, supervises and coordinates postgraduate programmes in all fields of studies except business and management. However, these postgraduates programmes are run by faculties. Programmes with thesis consist of:
Master of Arts (M.A)
Master of Science (M.S)
Master of Veterinary Sciences (M.V.Sc.)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
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