Sunday, December 6, 2009

Diploma in Business with Information Technology

Course structure
Part Il of Diploma in Business with Information Technology
This level prepares you for entry into Part II of study and inculcates study skills and practices to develop effective communication skills.
Part II of Diploma in Business with Information Technology
In the Level 1 curriculum, key functions of all businesses including accounting, marketing, operations, management are explored together with computing and IT skills. Students are equipped with skills for a career in the Business with IT edge.
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What you will studyThe modules that you will study in this programme help develop your study skills, introduce you to learning expectations of your degree study, and allow you to discover the various degree study options and disciplines that you can pursue in Business, Technology, Media or Information Technology.
Diploma Part I

Computer Technology

Information Systems

Practical IT Skills

Managing Business

Professional Communications

Business Environment

Personal and Communication Skills

Practical English

Quantitative Methods for Business and IT

Numerical Skills

LAN Modules
Diploma Part II

Organisational Behaviour

Business Statistics


Business Economics

Managing Services

Networks & Networking

Legal Framework of Business

Multimedia Applications

Systems Analysis and Design

Managing Information Systems

Visual Basic .Net

LAN Modules

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